Our visioN - Promoting Islamic Finance

Our vision is to be recognized as a leading Islamic investment boutique, providing next generation Shari’a compliant solutions while developing intellectual capital and research capabilities for the improvement of the Islamic financial industry.


Islamic Finance Partner ‘of choice’

Khalij Islamic is an established Islamic finance boutique, independent of any financial institution or Shari’a scholar. Its track record along with its strong management team and world renowned Shari’a scholars, makes it a stable ‘Islamic finance partner of choice’ for its clients.


Innovative Investment Products

Khalij Islamic focuses on bringing new asset classes and high quality Islamic investment products to Islamic investors. This not only gives Islamic investors increased opportunities to invest in high quality investment products but also helps them to diversify their portfolios from the traditional asset classes.


Access to Emerging Islamic Markets

Khalij Islamic has access to potential and new emerging Islamic markets that have a mandate to develop Islamic finance within their respective jurisdictions. Currently Khalij Islamic is in discussions (both with industry bodies and corporates) within various emerging Islamic markets including Egypt, Libya, Nigeria, Sudan, Morocco, Turkey, Somalia and certain CIS countries.


Enhancing Services to the Islamic Finance Industry

Khalij Islamic has a broad network of contacts across the globe which it can utilise for both product sourcing and product placements thus enabling us to further service Islamic investors’ needs across all major asset classes in an independent and unbiased manner.


Islamic Finance Education

Spreading knowledge on Islamic finance is one of the core focuses of Khalij Islamic. The Khalij Islamic team members have conducted numerous Islamic finance education programs on various forums. These include Islamic finance presentations given at various educational institutions (e.g. the London School of Economics), professional forums and also the delivery of tailored workshops.


Strategic Relationships

Khalij Islamic has strategic relationships with certain Islamic finance industry bodies and academic institutions. This not only puts Khalij Islamic at the heart of all the major developments within the Islamic finance industry but also provides unique access to the academic knowledge centres where many of the key industry debates take place and significant decisions are made.

Our value propositioN - End to End Islamic Finance Solutions

As a world-class Islamic finance outfit, our raison d'être is to promote and facilitate economic activity inspired by Islamic principles. We are ideally positioned to leverage our core strengths and strong external relationships with a view to making a difference. By identifying market requirements for Shari’a compliant products, assisting in their development and delivery, and creating vital linkages between key Islamic markets we thus promote increased economic activity in a socially responsible manner as a means to sustainable economic development.

Islamic structuring & consultinG - Our Track Record

The Khalij Islamic team has experience in structuring Islamic products and providing Islamic finance consulting across a variety of asset classes. Some examples of the relevant experience are set out below:

Our value propositioN - End to End Islamic Finance Solutions

Islamic Structuring & Consulting
  • Skilled Islamic financial engineers are difficult to find and in most cases are working with the large investment banks. The solutions and products they offer are biased towards the firms that they are working for. Khalij Islamic can offer independent structuring advice and can be a buffer to the banks in your negotiations and dealings with them.
  • Unlike many other Shari’a structuring and advisory firms which are often single individuals running a one-man-show, Khalij Islamic has a professional team of Sharia’ structuring and consulting experts with relevant investment banking experience and is an institutionalised player in this arena.
  • On the Shari’a Advisory front we continue to offer our clients all-inclusive Shari’a Consulting Services, Shari’a Monitoring Services, and Shari’a Compliance Review Services. We tailor our services and provide solutions that fully meet the requirements of our clients.

Deal Sourcing & Placement
  • Although the Islamic markets are expanding rapidly there is still a huge shortage of truly Shari’a compliant asset based products.
  • The Khalij Islamic management team has a broad network covering every continent which provides us with a continuous flow of new and unique asset classes and high quality asset based Shari’a compliant investment opportunities.
  • Utilizing these connections, Khalij Islamic is invariably able to identify investment opportunities in response to specific client requests as well as regularly presenting new ideas for consideration to our clientele without being tied to any single product provider or asset manager.

Islamic Liquidity
  • The commodity murabaha dominates the Islamic money markets even though the structure is contested from a Shari’a point of view, is inefficient and not tradable. Khalij Islamic, via its Islamic Issuance Platform, can offer more efficient and liquid alternatives.
  • Today there is no Islamic commercial paper market and so corporates depend upon banks to finance themselves. Khalij Islamic, via its Islamic Issuance Platform, can assist conventional and Islamic institutions to access the liquidity of Islamic investors in an easy manner.